Pill Making Machine for concentrated water or honeyed pill

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Pill making 
Semiautomatic operation 
Made of stainless steel 
Meet the GMP standard 
Pill machine


This machine is applied to make pills with powdery materials.

This machine can produce honeyed, condensed, water with honeyed, watered pills, and pilled foods, including coating and baking.

This machine is widely used in small factories, lab of the large and medium pharmaceutical plants,

Research institutes of traditional Chinese medicine, hospitals, private clinics, traditional Chinese medicine shops, site processing and sale units for famous and expensive nourishing products, pilular foods exploiture in food factories.

This machine has heating and rotating baking device, making the finished pills even and beautiful.

Outside and all parts contact with materials are made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standard.

Its power supply is single-phase, convenient for operation.


There are some counterfeit products on market now. For its good application, please keep away them.



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